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Concept Art and more on Deviantart


If anyone is interested, I post artwork that doesn’t really fit into the comic pages category on Deviantart. Check back routinely because Im starting to post concept artwork for future projects there as well. Many of my art is available as prints on the site. You can also purchase comic volumes through Deviantart’s Premium content … Continue reading “Concept Art and more on Deviantart”

Cybertech Chapter 130 – New Horizons (4)


The war is over, now its time to pick up the pieces, and tie off a few looses ends. Updates Tapastic Smackjeeves  

A Few Gallery Updates


Just updated the gallery with a few new images from Cybertech  

Cybertech Updated in the Usual Places


Cybertech Updated in the Usual Places On Smackjeeves and Here Also, Cybertech is now available on

Cybertech Chapter 129 – New Horizons (3)


The End of the War

My Comicking Workspace

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My Comicking Workspace *Updated* Got a new dual monitor arm that cleared off my desk space, much better. Sometimes you feel like sharing, so I thought I would. Considering I actual have a room now that I have converted into my home office for the purposes of comic production. So without further ado here is … Continue reading “My Comicking Workspace”

Cybertech Series I now available as a single purchase

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Cybertech Series I now available as a single purchase Series I has been re-uploaded as PDF/CBZ files that can be purchased all at once – this download contains all 10 volumes/100 chapters of the first saga of Cybertech. High quality is in PDF format and costs $10 – also contains some extra scenes and new … Continue reading “Cybertech Series I now available as a single purchase”

Cybertech Updated on Tapastic


Artwork: Janice Maty on the Iron Throne

Janice on Iron Throne

Artwork: Janice Maty on the Iron Throne Janice doesn’t play games Here’s some fun, I decided to pay tribute to Game of Thrones with Janice Maty sitting where she belongs, on the Iron Throne. Even though Kate is the politician who leads an empire, Janice is the one responsible for bring empires down.