New way to buy my comics


Ive developed a new way to either download cbz files, or order a published copy of my comic, just go to read the chapter, at the bottom of the chapter there will be a download link, or a buy now link for newer chapters.

Intruder Class Destroyer

Terran Fighter-Intruder Class

Size Length(m): 325 Width(m): 110 Height(m): 180 Mass (t): 50,836,500 Weapons: 6x 500MW Rapid Fire Charged Particle Pulse cannons 1x 2GW Medium Charged Particle Cannon Crew: 71 Troop Capacity: 24 Support Craft: 0 Total Unit Run (2135 – 2155): 3,989,633 – (284,027 were lost in battle) The most mass produced … Continue reading