Volume 13 Full Download Added in Store


Cybertech Volume 13 has now been added to the store, containing the season finale from Season 2. Chapter 121 thru 130. If you want to support my comics please purchase a volume.

Cybertech Updated in the Usual Places


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If Cybertech were music


Check out the Quackcast on The Duck Webcomics to see the musical theme that someone made based on my comic Cybertech. I believe the description was: You’ll hear the sounds of apocalyptic destruction and burning plasma in a dark future, epic world. Damn that’s awesome. This song would make the perfect intro theme if I … Continue reading “If Cybertech were music”

Small Chapter Update


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Janice and her Smug Pepe Mug


Janice and her Smug Pepe Mug The media has officially jumped the shark by declaring an internet meme a symbol of hate.               Clinton Campaign Claims the Cartoon Frog is a symbol of White Supremacy Daily Beast: How Pepe the Frog became a Nazi Trump Supporter and Alt-Right Symbol … Continue reading “Janice and her Smug Pepe Mug”

Obama and the surrender of the Internet


Are you ready to have free speech on the internet controlled by Russia, China, and other Authoritarian regimes. Well congratulations Obama just handed the internet over to the world. You think they’re going to protect your right to speak online like America did? America which has a 1st amendment that protects free speech? ¬† Oh … Continue reading “Obama and the surrender of the Internet”

Cybertech Updated on Tapastic


Concept Art and more on Deviantart


If anyone is interested, I post artwork that doesn’t really fit into the comic pages category on Deviantart. Check back routinely because Im starting to post concept artwork for future projects there as well. Many of my art is available as prints on the site. You can also purchase comic volumes through Deviantart’s Premium content … Continue reading “Concept Art and more on Deviantart”

Cybertech Chapter 130 – New Horizons (4)


The war is over, now its time to pick up the pieces, and tie off a few looses ends. Updates Tapastic Smackjeeves  

A Few Gallery Updates


Just updated the gallery with a few new images from Cybertech