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Updates to Cybertech

Are you Beach Battle Ready? More Orwellian Crap

Are you beach battle ready? More Orwellian Crap from SJW’s

I am an artist, and I like beauty, and I like beautiful women, so when I saw this article it ‘Triggered’ me to go to war with SJW’s, 3rd wave feminists and busy-body government censors that bitch and complain every time they see a picture of a beautiful (thin, athletic) woman selling a product (‘GASP’)

Its capitalism you twats, its the way our world works.

Julia-Beach Body

So this one is for all the whiny feminists. (You know your in the wrong when you get called out by ME, a guy who features strong female characters in all his comics)


However, my women are not feminists, they are normal women (that are smoking hot)

Usually I am not the kind of person that likes putting my female characters in sexually explicit outfits, or underwear unless the situation demands it (like if they’re at the beach or being intimate with a lover)

However… I’m not one who is opposed to hot sexy and thin (otherwise known as athletic) women.


Fortunately the company in the original ‘controversy’ felt the same as me and gave SJW’s the middle finger (as they should, because you NEVER give in to them)


Janice-Kill Em AllSometimes you just shouldn’t give a damn and express yourself.

and kill ’em all he he he


Were Back


After some ‘upgrades’ and repairs the site is now back up, I am working on some new chapters right now. I am busy during the spring and updates are a little few and far between. Chapter 124 is coming soon.

Janice’s response to Twitter’s Orwellian Trust and Safety Council: I will not Obey

Janice will not obey, she will be as offensive as she wants, and so will I.


The Other Comics I Work on: Rogue

Rogue takes place in a fictional world with modern warfare. Following the story of a nation that has been conquered by an evil tyrant, and a world war on the horizon.

Characters of Cybertech Pinups – The Bombshell, Julia McRand

Julia McRand-Color-1

While suffering for the past few weeks from severe Carpal Tunnel syndrome I haven’t been able to draw too much without agonizing pain in my wrist, let this bit of fan service be my apology for not releasing more pages.

Julia McRand is the ‘Bombshell’ of the series Cybertech, but don’t be mistaken she leads the A. Centauri Militia. One of the elite corp of soldiers in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Check out my deviantart account for full size downloads and prints

Girls of Cybertech by superzentredi on DeviantArt

Kate Ketcheyev Pinup Gallery

Kate Ketcheyev is the Heir to the Warcon Empire, she is smart, sexy and strong

Characters of Cybertech Janice Maty


The Metal Queen: Janice Maty

Janice Maty has some mysterious history: She is a genetically enhanced human who has telepathic abilities is very strong and smart and has advanced cellular regeneration. She’s always been a rebel and questions authority (even though she attained the military rank of Admiral)

Recently she left the Milky Way alliance military and set up her own faction, and has started building her own fleet.

Also she likes heavy metal music.