Cybertech Chapter 126 – The Duel


Janice Maty is determined to destroy Vicaro Koon’s new flagship before he can destroy any more star systems.

Recent changes to Marvel Characters


Opinion: Recent changes to Marvel characters As a comic artist myself I am a follower of goings-on in the comic universe and I have an opinion on recent changes to Marvel characters. Changing genders, race etc of established characters. The most recent of those being a young black woman taking up the Iron Man mantle … Continue reading “Recent changes to Marvel Characters”

How censorship ‘progresses’

Ive never seen a better way of explaining how our society is becoming more Orwellian by the day 2+2 = 4 PERIOD

Rogue Chapter 05 – Evacuation

Rogue Chapter 05_Page_01

The survivors of the invasion of Fetz flee to their ally Lavitania, but thousands of soldiers are trapped on the beaches. Karena (now president) is not going to allow those soldiers to die.

Cybertech Chapter 125 The Battle of Shiva (2)


The Battle of Shiva continues, Janice begins to advance.

Full Volumes Available for Download


Download Full Volumes Full volumes of Cybertech are available for download through my online store. Low resolution web versions of volumes 1-10 are free in the store, while volumes 11-12 are $2.50 per volume. High resolution downloads are also available for volumes 1-10 as well. Cybertech is a space opera highlighted by massive battles in … Continue reading “Full Volumes Available for Download”

Website Improvements

My website www.superwebcomics is constantly under construction, and I’am always trying to make improvements. I now have the comic posts on the homepage so they are part of the blog feed, also I made some asthetic changes in the sidebar and layout. I think it makes the website easier to read. Enjoy

Cybertech Chapter 124 – The Battle of Shiva (1)


The largest space battle since the battle of the Magellanic Cloud begins. Vicaro Koon is a dangerous animal in a corner. There is no telling what he might do when he is desperate.

Shipyards Major Updates


Major Updates in the Shipyard More to come The following shipyards have been updated with images and stats on each races starships Terran Alliance Zobot Federation Omicron Empire Votagon Consortium Tekrun Empire The Grimm Warcon Empire

Warcon Shipyard Updated

Warcon Fleet

Warcon Shipyard Updated